This is the end, the finish, goodbye.

To end this blog assignment I wanted to write something about a way of presenting I learned this past term, a Pecha Kucha.

During British arts in context a few weeks ago I had to make a pecha kucha. The idea is that you have powerpoint presentation consisting of 20 slides which all take 20 seconds. It is put on automatic continuation, and so you have a short, but very clear presentation.


This is my pecha kucha, which is based on the book Hard times by Charles Dickens. I personally didn’t like the book very much, the assignment of a pecha kucha however was a lot of fun and a real challenge. It is hard, especially when you have to present and have to take the 20 seconds per slide in consideration.

I feel like this is a lot of fun to use in class, however the students have to be pretty advanced in English, because you will probably start speaking a little quicker.

On the matter of the blog. I personally didn’t like the assignments, as I have said many times before. I am just not good at keeping a diary of some sort and that showed during this assignment. I did like the idea but I thought it was to broad, if I were to use it I would probably let my pupils write once a week, during class, or at the end of the class to make sure everyone is up to date and no one forgets, like I did.

Thank you for reading my blog, I wanted to say I liked it, but I found it really hard to keep up and to think of things I wanted to put in here.



I was just watching some TV and came across discovery channel, there was a show about selachophobia. I  don’t understand why I kept watching, until I noticed I recognised many of the symptoms they mentioned. And then it hit me, this is the phobia I have been dealing with for the largest part of my life. Fear of sharks.

Fear of sharks, yes you read that correctly. And I don’t mean I am just afraid when I swim in an ocean that a shark can up, no that would be way too easy and rational for me. No, I have a phobia, which means it is most of the time completely and utterly irrational. First of all, the mere image of a shark makes me shiver, I hate TV shows or documentaries about sharks and I can’t even look at a picture of a shark without feeling this strange unease. However, it doesn’t stop there! Secondly, I don’t get further into open water then where I can still see my feet, and most of the time not even that deep. But last but not least, I am even afraid of swimming pools, the idea that there is a shark in there makes me cold to the bone and gives me major goosebumps. I don’t get into a pool by myself and there always has to be at least one person who is in a deeper part of the pool or I will get out.

The only positive side to this story is that it used to be worse, I was afraid underneath the shower, in a bathtub and I was even afraid of nontransparent liquids such as milk.

When I tell people they laugh but eventually they read from my face I’m dead serious. So yeah, a phobia. And I found out by accident. Yay. Something I just found out BTW is that there are a lot more people like me with this phobia, I never knew, this makes me quite happy.

I guess that’s it for today.

Using a game to teach English actively

Hi there!

During last Friday’s English Language Teaching class we had to write down rules and vocabulary for the game Happy family, in the Netherlands known as kwartet. We also had to give an explanation on how to apply this with other games. So I thought I should add it here because I learned a lot of it. I never knew there were some many factors you should take into consideration with regards to such a small and simple game.

Happy family! (Subject : clothing)

First of all you would want to explain the game title. If there is one, give or ask for the Dutch title of the particular game. (Happy families à kwartet)

You want to inform yourself whether your pupils are familiar with the game or not, if not go through the game rules together, mainly because there are many different rules for certain games and you want it to be clear that they are all playing by the same rules in your classroom. Therefore, go through the rules either way, when they are and when they aren’t familiar with the game.

Game rules :

  1. Shuffle the deck.
  2. Every person gets five cards.
  3. Place the remaining cards on a pile in the middle of the table(s).
  4. The objective of the game is to make “happy families” with the cards in your hand. (Sets of four).
  5. Go clockwise and the youngest member starts.
  6. Ask a group member if he possesses a card you need to get a happy family.
  7. You can only ask for one card at the time, do so by naming the category and the specific item you want.
  8. If your group member has the card he responds and gives you the card. You can now ask another or the same group member if they have another card you need.
  9. When your group member hasn’t got the card you draw a card from the pile and your turn is over.  It is now the turn of the person next to you.
  10. In the end, the person with the most happy families wins.
  11. Don’t use swear words!

Now you want to go through the vocabulary, start with the vocabulary used in the game rules. Write down some hard words and ask for translations/definitions. Also ask for other difficult words your pupils might have found. For example:

  • Shuffle – schudden
  • Deck – pak kaarten
  • Pile – stapel
  • Clockwise – met de klok mee
  • Draw a card – pak een kaart

Move on to the particular vocabulary used for this type of game. Give some examples and let them give the definition/translation. You might also want your pupils to come up with other ways to ask for cards or respond to a question. For example:

  • It’s your turn.
  • From the category of …, could you give me …, please?
  • Here you go.
  • Thank you very much.
  • I’m sorry, I haven’t got that one.

Last but not least, go through the vocabulary within the game. In the case of this game, happy families with clothing as the subject, go through the words on the cards. For example:

  • Top hat
  • Socks
  • Sweater
  • Colours (blue, yellow etc.)
  • State of pieces of clothing (old, dirty etc.)


All things considered, in my opinion, the best way to have a clear and structured game in your classroom is probably to make a game with your pupils from scratch. Pick a certain type of game, set up the rules together and let them make the cards, board and/or whatever else you need for the particular game. That way the students will be positively involved and will be exposed to the language in a more active way than by just listening to you explaining the game and giving some examples and definitions/translations themselves.

Stopping the challenge

I decided to stop the daily challenge. I chose to do so because I forget to write here more often than I actually write something..

Moreover, since the test week is coming up I want to spend more time on writing and reading for the tests.That’s why I will be posting some reports or things like that. I will work on my proficiency and will try to add this to this blog.

One thing I know for sure is I am not one to have a blog or diary.. I really can’t work with it, I keep forgetting it. I have done so for as long as I remember, everytime I tried to keep a diary I kept forgetting it..



The book(s) I love the most..

My, oh my. I can’t choose.. So I guess I will give you my top three, including an explanation why. I will give them at random, so the first one isn’t the one I love the most since there is no way to make me choose. 🙂

Firstly, Harry Potter. I am a complete Potterhead, even though I don’t even like the protagonist that much. I think he is an oblivious boy. Other than that however, I loved this series to bits. It has everything in it that makes it one of my favourites. Magic, relatability and lots of books, chapters and words. It isn’t one of the biggest bookseries in the world for nothing. It is an extraordinary journey, and I felt like I grew up with the characters.
My nickname at home even comes from one of the characters of the book, the house elf Dobby. Dobby is what my parents call me at home when chores need to be done. 🙂

Secondly, A song of Ice and Fire. One of the most grusome, protagonist killing and backstabbing books I have ever read. Every page is a new insight at the story and shows it from another’s point of view. But the fact that your favourite character can be dead in the next sentence makes you want to read on and at the same time stop the series all together. The books are amazing, they do however take too long to be released. Which is, for me, the only downfall.

And last, but most certainly not least, The Sevenwaters trilogy. This series is a bit less known then the other two, but in the world of fantasy books, this is a very well known series. The series go deep into a piece of Irish folklore and add just the wished amound of romance to it, that makes it soo appealling to the reader. It is unbelievable and at the same time you want to believe this story so bad it makes you want to scream.


These are my favourite books, if you have read them and want to discuss one or the other leave a comment and we’ll have a little chat over it! I would really like that!


“Daily” challenge

Good evening!!

As you might have noticed, I am not as active on this blog as I would want. Mainly because I have a massive writer’s block. This might be due to the fact that I have never really written anything before that had to come from me. Writing about a particular subject comes quite easily to me, but coming up with the subject is another matter.

And I think I have found a solution! A writing challenge, which consist of 10 challenges to write about. So I will do two each week, and that way I will finish this assignment without any problem! I just looked only to find challenges and picked some topics I thought I might like!

The ten subjects are:
1.  The book(s) you love the most
2. What have you eaten today?
3. The importance of education (in my opinion)
4. Put your spotify on shuffle and write about the first song that comes up
5. Your family
6. Your zodiac sign and if it suits you
7. Tell about a problem you have had and overcame
8. Your worst fears
9. 5 beautiful words
10. 5 weird things you like

I am really looking forward to doing this “challenge” and if I deem it necessary I will also include some insight on my exposure to the English language.


Bye Bye!



Today I have finally finished checking the research I mentioned in my earlier post. I might as well just say I completely met my goal for this week. Which was to check the research :).

I was a tough job though. The language was very different for me because I am not acquainted with the particular vocabulary. However, the biggest problem for me was the fact that it was clearly copy-pasted from google translate.. Which bothered me more than I care to admit. I kept on sighing and mumbling about the stupidity of the sentences.

I did finish it, so I am quite content with that. But I know that the next time I agree to do something to like this I will say before hand that the ones who make it have to show at least a bit of willingness to spend time on the English used in the research.

Let’s continue with the abomination that is google translate. Google translate might be useful to translate single words, I personally don’t see why you wouldn’t use a dictionary(website) since they are much more trustworthy. Google gives useful word translations but is completely oblivious to collocations and proper sentence phrasing.

If you have to translate, try to avoid google translate and any other sentence translation websites. Try to translate the sentence yourself, translate certain words by means of a dictionary(website) and verify your collocations, grammar or other matters by using a good website.If you want me to go into some useful websites and ones you have to stay away from, I’d like to hear from you. And my next post might be about that subject.


Byeee! Have a lovely sunday!

Long time no see!

Hi there!

I am so embarrassed to say I have totally forgotten about this blog for the last couple of days. Which is why I haven’t written anything. I had a lot of fun things during the weekend and when the normal week began again I totally focused on my other schoolwork and another ,quite challenging, assignment. Which I will tell you about shortly.

During this week our lessons for this blog have been cancelled due to a personal development of our teacher. So that is why we had to come up with a challenge for this week our-self’s. Which came in really handy, because I was just asked to do something quite challenging and out of my comfort-zone. My boyfriend’s sister asked me to check her and her study mates’ research.

Checking a research doesn’t really sound challenging, but it is about a subject I have never studied. It is about sexual education and tuberculosis in South-Africa. She is there right now and is doing a first hand research there. She came up with some sub-questions and with a literary- and practical research she has answered these questions. Now she asked me to check this complete research (it is HBO (Nurse education) year 4). The language and in particular the vocabulary is quite a challenge for me. I have no background information on the matters and that makes it quite a challenge. I do find it really interesting though, especially their practical research because it gives an insight on how the children in South Africa see these problems. I have never given much thought to it, but now I am reading this, I think it is quite problematic.

I will make sure to post my progress on checking this research in my blog. I think it will take me a while before I am done, but it will be worth it!


See you later, alligator!

Ears unhearing

Ears unhearing

Eyes staring like hawks
Fingers pointing
Judging faces
Ears unhearing

Muffled laughter in silk scarfs
Cheap comments
Eyes unseeing
Ears unhearing

Isolated between my own walls
Despised looks
Haunted waking and dreaming
Ears unhearing

Cynical cyber snarls
Nobody notices
Just keeping my mouth shut
Because of ears unhearing

By: Grieteke Postumus, Yvonne vd Velde, Joritta Opdam

During British arts in Context today we had to write a poem. The three of us weren’t sure if we could do it, but I think we nailed it! It had to be a controversial topic, we decided to go with bullying. The poem is about the feeling of not being heard if you are a victim of bullying.

Bullying is a problem of all ages, cultures and era’s. Only now a days the big difference is the availability of the internet. It is so easy to go online, even anonymously if you like, and bully someone. And there isn’t much that can be done about it. Personally I think bullying is weak and mostly done by the weak. There will always be someone who is different then you are but that doesn’t mean that person is less than you are, you have no right to bully and victimise that person. Different isn’t immediately wrong!

On the subject of poems, I have never given much thought to poems. I like reading and listening to stories but poems never really got to me. However, I might give it another chance. There are so many incredible topics and writers of poems. So I might even find something or some poet I actually like.

Balloon debate and other proficiency matters.

Hi there!

During last lesson, we were given the assignment to prepare for a balloon debate. This lessonform includes a couple of groups with one representative. The representative is going to give a speech to the rest of the class why he/she is allowed to stay in the balloon. The balloon is only ment for dead people who have accomplished great things in their time.

The group representative will try to make sure that he/she is the only one left at the end of the debate and therefor winning the “game”. We decided to pick Martin Luther King Jr. he was a great man. And I can state here why and how but I’d rather not do that. Because everyone has internet and can find this on his own.

Other proficiency matters I am currently dealing with is reading. I am practising CPE tests and I hope I will find a way to tackle the actual test and get a good mark, I do read a lot so it bothers me a lot that I can’t seem to figure out a way to make this work.. I will keep you up to date.

Sorry for the short post, but I can’t find another subject to talk about at the moment.

Bye! 😀