Entry 8

The final entry, finally. This will suffice as some sort of summary with regards to the English at MBO lessons.

Personally I feel like I have learned a lot, but I would learn more from an internship. My intrest is peaked and I am really looking forward to an internship at an MBO.

I think English at MBO isn’t as important as it should be. English is really making its move and is becoming bigger, gradually over the years. We are exposed to English in so many different ways, and I feel like the MBO students should be trained in communicating in English at the very least. They will come across English in their work field, at least the higher MBO levels, on which my material was focused.

I would really like to know more and experience English at an MBO. And it is intriguing to know that English at an MBO is always different from another MBO school. There are no guidelines which means you have creative freedom, but it does ask a lot of you. I would be a great challenge.


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