Entry 6

on the 10th of January our group got together again to practise for the presentation. We all wrote down the general idea of what we had to say and we got an idea of the time we had for the presentation and if it would work out. Apparently it did and we divided the parts quite equally I think. My part is the boring part, the theoretical support, but I wrote that part as well so it is the logical part for me to tell.

I made some flash cards I can use during the presentation, and I am going to learn my text over the weekend.

Something happened — Apparently I am going to spend the weekend in London with my boyfriend, he took me there as a surprise, so I get to speak English for three days, which is good practise for the presentation, I will study my text in the metro I guess. I wonder if there is anything like the MBO in England? I might try to find out soon.


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