Entry 5

Stereotype –

During this course as well as before I have the feeling like there is a big stereotype on English at MBO and MBO students in general.

Some friends of mine deemed English as the lowest importance while studying at an MBO. It wasn’t obligatory for their exams, and it didn’t matter what grade they received. Another thing that made their view of English quite negative was that the lessons were so boring they didn’t want to go. And they could skip lessons if they wanted to, so the English lessons were the first lessons they decided to skip.

I also feel like the stereotype we regard the students at MBO schools with is something that should be changed. I am one of those who actually thought MBO students were not clever. And I feel like that is still a stereotype. However, most of them were VMBO and MAVO students and those are other students we learn to teach. I feel like the MBO students are put in a certain box, and they shouldn’t. But, I would have to see for myself to know for sure.


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