English at MBO – entry 2

Soooooo, it seems I have forgotten the third entry as well..

Last week, my group members, Grieteke and Yvonne, and I went to Friese poort Leeuwarden. We went there to visit an English teacher, who only started teaching there this year. Yvonne had contacted him via e-mail and had a conversation about how the day was going to be. He was very open and asked what we needed before saying what he wanted to do with the day. I liked that openness a lot, and it kind of set the mood for the entire day.

When we got to the school he welcomed us and showed us their teachers’ lounge. We had a cup of tea/coffee and then went to his first class, which turned out to be a four hour long combination of two classed with one group of students because another teachers had fallen ill. The first lesson he taught was the specified English class. Which was based on the vocabulary the particular study needed. I like this idea, however the execution was, in my opinion, rather poorly. The students didn’t speak English, even though the teacher did, and they covert approximately fifteen words in fifty minutes. The thing I really did like was the BBC one minute news story. He just put the clip on the screen and let them watch and listen. Afterwards he asked random students about the topics, what they picked up from the clip and what they already new about the subject and how they knew.

The second lesson consisted of English in general, he had created a website with an assignment on it. The pupils had to find job applications and write a reaction to it. They did this in a computer room, but they didn’t have a lot of help from the teacher. It might be wrong, but I thought this could have been better. But his personal connection with the students was good, when he asked they would listen and they were willing to answer his questions. Why he didn’t do more with this is a question to me. Overall I like him and the way he connected with his students, but his way of teaching isn’t how I would do it.

During that day we also had an interview with a couple of his students and with himself. I will place them below.

Overall, I learned a lot, and I even think this might be the direction where I would like to go. I think the subject specified English is amazing and a real challenge. I would like to see how I do, since I had a lot of thing in my mind that I would have done differently. That being said, I want to have my internship at an MBO next year and see how it works for me!




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