English at MBO – Blog entry one

So, I forgot my first and second entry.. Yay, good start. I really fail at keeping a diary of any sorts. So I would like to apologise for that.

Without further a do, let’s start!

The first lesson of English at MBO consisted of 2 separate lessons, a guest lesson and the regular lesson.

During the guest lesson there were two spokes women, the first one spoke about English at MBO in general and the kind of testing that is required. The second woman spoke about her experiences as an MBO English teacher and she also gave ideas and tips about things that had motivated her.

For me the first woman was more interesting because it was just general knowledge, whereas the second woman really talked about her own findings. Which is, without a doubt, very interesting as well, however, her experience is a lot different than the ‘regular MBO teacher’ because she is the only one teaching English. So she doesn’t co-teach with anyone and doesn’t have to take other teacher’s choices into consideration. I did however like her tackk and the youtube videos she recommended.

I learned a lot about MBO in general, and I am very curious to go to an MBO school and see for myself if it something I would like. This will probably return in my second post, which will cover the first contact with the school we are going to visit this term.



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