Teaching grammar to speakers of other languages.

Another homework assignment, which entailed reading an article by Penny Ur, in the book: ‘teaching English grammar to speakers of other languages.’ By Eli Hinkel.

The assignment:

Personalization – A writing series of lessons, the introduction including writing/telling a short story about an experience they had with a zoo.

Higher-order thinking – Make a drawing from a description or the other way around.

Tasks with content outcomes – Murderer game/who did it.

Game-like activity – Simon says.

The personalization task is a personal form of output, completed with experiences and opinions, rather than an actual “lesson”. The high-order thinking makes the pupils think about what is said rather than how it is said or how to respond. The task with content outcomes gives a solution to a given problem rather than seeing the actual problem (could also be used with the one above). The game like activity is mostly used as a way to remember former lessons or theories.


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