Missed class assignment

For my missed class assignment I decided to do the: ‘learning classroom English from authentic sources’ assignment. Which consisted of watching an episode of Tough young teachers, focus on what it is about and what classroom language you notice.

Firstly I would like to start with a little summary. I chose to watch the first episode, because I had no idea what to expect. Personally I hadn’t expected it to be this ‘old’. I would have liked it a lot better probably when it was a bit more up to date. However, I did like the content and the idea behind the series. Which is to teach classes with only six weeks of practice. Just learn on the spot.

The six teachers this episode follows are all divided between three school, the one in worse conditions than the other but all not in the quality I would have personally expected from a school. The problem while watching this episode I mostly noticed though, is that I focussed on the way they taught instead of the language they were using, and when I really tried to grasp the vocabulary it wasn’t that ‘special’. I will watch more episodes though, because you see how the teachers are learning in a though environment and learn while making mistakes.

A few things I noticed were:

– They didn’t use proper body language, most of them were just standing. Which, ultimately, resulted in less vocal range.
– The opening of a lesson, and especially the first lesson you teach a class is the most important one. They will always remember that and keep that in the back of their minds the entire year(s).
– They introduced themselves and let the students introduce themselves at the door, so they let all the students come in one by one and say their name. Which I thought was pretty smart, I never considered that, I might give that a try.
– It is of the utmost importance that you know what you are talking about, especially when it is something you decide to incorporate in your lesson. (in the episode one of the teachers mentions Marilyn Monroe, and even has her name and picture on the slide, but doesn’t really know anything about her. And so he couldn’t answer when his students asked him who she really was.)
– One of them called the class “year 7”. I could probably use that when I teach, if I am to address the entire class I can just say the name of the class, for example 1H, instead of ‘guys’ or anything like that.


Glossary for the teacher:


Seating plan


“are you ready to learn? I am, I will have to learn all of your names”

To spot something

To do something on the spot


Good boy, well done

Let’s see who else is working..

Let’s go through..

See you tomorrow

Your hand flew up!

Learning objective

Apathetic (having no concern or emotion)


Low ability


Have you given it a try?

Have a good day

See you tomorrow


 Glossary for the students:


How do you say/spell..

Thank you

Yes Ms. / No Ms.

No I haven’t/ Yes I have





Seating plan


See you tomorrow


Learning objective

Yes it did/no it didn’t

Lifeless lesson



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