Essay grammar teaching

No grammar lessons?

While reading ‘current issues in the teaching of grammar’ it became clear there are many unresolved issues regarding the necessity of grammatical explanations and lessons. Do we need to ‘teach’ grammar or should it come automatically while creating a safe and an enviroment in which you can develop? And when should grammar be taught?

In our current educational system grammar is considered a main part of a student’s education. However, some see an oportunity in letting students learn grammar in an active way. It should be possible to create an enviroment in which the students can talk and develop only with some guidence and feedback.

On the other hand, if a teacher is not comfortable (yet) or has not got the opportunity to create such an enviroment, when is the best time to start with teaching grammar? Hence it is an extensive subject, it should probably be build up slowly and it might be best to combine English grammar with the first language grammar.

To conclude, in my opinion, students should learn grammar in an active way under guidence and with lots of feedback. However, if this is not a possibility for you, you should probably combine the English and first language grammar.


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