5 examples of active grammar exercises

This was another homework assignment, in which we had to give multiple ideas how to tackle grammar in an active way. These were some of my ideas.

Grammar practice:

  1. Simon says.

For example: “Simon says stand behind your chair.”

  1. Collecting present & continuous forms.

Give everyone a little piece of paper with either the present or continuous form of a verb. Let them find their other form.

  1. Find your synonym/antonym.

Same idea as 2, but then let them find their synonym or antonym. Depending on the topic.

  1. Uitbeelden – swimming – 3 forms of the verb.

The general idea is, you have a hat containing multiple infinitives. Let one pupil grab a card and without showing it to others he/she has to pretend to actually do the motion the verb is describing. The person guessing the correct answer has to give the three forms of the verb.

  1. Circle exercise : I am … and I like …, This is … and he/she likes …

Give a certain topic, for example fruits. Start with one person saying: “I am .. and I like bananas.” The next one has to say: “This is .. and she likes bananas. I am .. and I like strawberries.”


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