10 classroom rules

During the ELT course we had a certain homework assignment where we had to watch two parts of a documentary and had to find 10 classroom rules you want to apply yourself. These were my rules, the only problem I found during the next class is that mine are very short and easy formulated and others’ rules were much bigger and more detailed.

However, I still feel like the short rules are much clearer and so I stuck by it.

These were my rules:

  1. English, Always. Only use Dutch when this is asked of you.
  2. Respect your (fellow) students.
  3. Keep quiet when the teacher teaches.
  4. Raise your hand.
  5. Never give up.
  6. Learn from your mistakes.
  7. Try to find out why you made a mistake, or ask a classmate.
  8. Laugh often.
  9. Keep your electronic devices off, unless it is necessary.
  10. Use manners.

Underneath you will find the documentary mentioned above:


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