In this classroom we…

In the link below you will find my first poster, it has a few simple and basic classroom rules on it and 3 questions students can use during class.

I was thinking about adding to this, I wanted to add a way for students to be actively involved in creating the classroom rules and questions. And I have come up with an idea, which is, post-it’s. And I can almost here you think: “post-it’s?”. Here is my idea, I wanted the students to come up with at least one rule and one question with their neighbour. The would have to write it down on a post-it and stick it to the wall underneath the poster. During the next lesson you could let the students make a new poster with the other rules or let them pick the best rules and questions and let them make a new poster perhaps with a group and place them on the wall.

Poster: in this classroom we


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