The book(s) I love the most..

My, oh my. I can’t choose.. So I guess I will give you my top three, including an explanation why. I will give them at random, so the first one isn’t the one I love the most since there is no way to make me choose. πŸ™‚

Firstly, Harry Potter. I am a complete Potterhead, even though I don’t even like the protagonist that much. I think he is an oblivious boy. Other than that however, I loved this series to bits. It has everything in it that makes it one of my favourites. Magic, relatability and lots of books, chapters and words. It isn’t one of the biggest bookseries in the world for nothing. It is an extraordinary journey, and I felt like I grew up with the characters.
My nickname at home even comes from one of the characters of the book, the house elf Dobby. Dobby is what my parents call me at home when chores need to be done. πŸ™‚

Secondly, A song of Ice and Fire. One of the most grusome, protagonist killing and backstabbing books I have ever read. Every page is a new insight at the story and shows it from another’s point of view. But the fact that your favourite character can be dead in the next sentence makes you want to read on and at the same time stop the series all together. The books are amazing, they do however take too long to be released. Which is, for me, the only downfall.

And last, but most certainly not least, The Sevenwaters trilogy. This series is a bit less known then the other two, but in the world of fantasy books, this is a very well known series. The series go deep into a piece of Irish folklore and add just the wished amound of romance to it, that makes it soo appealling to the reader. It is unbelievable and at the same time you want to believe this story so bad it makes you want to scream.


These are my favourite books, if you have read them and want to discuss one or the other leave a comment and we’ll have a little chat over it! I would really like that!



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