“Daily” challenge

Good evening!!

As you might have noticed, I am not as active on this blog as I would want. Mainly because I have a massive writer’s block. This might be due to the fact that I have never really written anything before that had to come from me. Writing about a particular subject comes quite easily to me, but coming up with the subject is another matter.

And I think I have found a solution! A writing challenge, which consist of 10 challenges to write about. So I will do two each week, and that way I will finish this assignment without any problem! I just looked only to find challenges and picked some topics I thought I might like!

The ten subjects are:
1.  The book(s) you love the most
2. What have you eaten today?
3. The importance of education (in my opinion)
4. Put your spotify on shuffle and write about the first song that comes up
5. Your family
6. Your zodiac sign and if it suits you
7. Tell about a problem you have had and overcame
8. Your worst fears
9. 5 beautiful words
10. 5 weird things you like

I am really looking forward to doing this “challenge” and if I deem it necessary I will also include some insight on my exposure to the English language.


Bye Bye!


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