Today I have finally finished checking the research I mentioned in my earlier post. I might as well just say I completely met my goal for this week. Which was to check the research :).

I was a tough job though. The language was very different for me because I am not acquainted with the particular vocabulary. However, the biggest problem for me was the fact that it was clearly copy-pasted from google translate.. Which bothered me more than I care to admit. I kept on sighing and mumbling about the stupidity of the sentences.

I did finish it, so I am quite content with that. But I know that the next time I agree to do something to like this I will say before hand that the ones who make it have to show at least a bit of willingness to spend time on the English used in the research.

Let’s continue with the abomination that is google translate. Google translate might be useful to translate single words, I personally don’t see why you wouldn’t use a dictionary(website) since they are much more trustworthy. Google gives useful word translations but is completely oblivious to collocations and proper sentence phrasing.

If you have to translate, try to avoid google translate and any other sentence translation websites. Try to translate the sentence yourself, translate certain words by means of a dictionary(website) and verify your collocations, grammar or other matters by using a good website.If you want me to go into some useful websites and ones you have to stay away from, I’d like to hear from you. And my next post might be about that subject.


Byeee! Have a lovely sunday!


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