Long time no see!

Hi there!

I am so embarrassed to say I have totally forgotten about this blog for the last couple of days. Which is why I haven’t written anything. I had a lot of fun things during the weekend and when the normal week began again I totally focused on my other schoolwork and another ,quite challenging, assignment. Which I will tell you about shortly.

During this week our lessons for this blog have been cancelled due to a personal development of our teacher. So that is why we had to come up with a challenge for this week our-self’s. Which came in really handy, because I was just asked to do something quite challenging and out of my comfort-zone. My boyfriend’s sister asked me to check her and her study mates’ research.

Checking a research doesn’t really sound challenging, but it is about a subject I have never studied. It is about sexual education and tuberculosis in South-Africa. She is there right now and is doing a first hand research there. She came up with some sub-questions and with a literary- and practical research she has answered these questions. Now she asked me to check this complete research (it is HBO (Nurse education) year 4). The language and in particular the vocabulary is quite a challenge for me. I have no background information on the matters and that makes it quite a challenge. I do find it really interesting though, especially their practical research because it gives an insight on how the children in South Africa see these problems. I have never given much thought to it, but now I am reading this, I think it is quite problematic.

I will make sure to post my progress on checking this research in my blog. I think it will take me a while before I am done, but it will be worth it!


See you later, alligator!


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