Teaching activity: Simon says


Title  Simon says (example with prepositions)
Level All levels
Aim Learning vocabulary (for example: prepositions, numbers etcetera)
Focus  Grammar and vocabulary
Time  Until only one pupil is left/as long as you like
Brief description



 The teacher (at lower levels) or a pupil is saying “Simon says:..” or just the “…” part. The other pupils should only follow the directions when the pupil says “Simon says:…” otherwise they are out.
Preparation Make sure the pupils are already quite familiar with the words, don’t throw them in it. Make sure you have already spent some time on the words they need. For example: behind the table, underneath the chair etc.

And of course explain the game.



 If you are playing this with prepositions make sure you have tables or chairs or anything like that.

(With first years)






 You have already gone through the prepositions with your pupils. For example the lesson before. You explain the rules of Simon says, they only have to do what you say when you say Simon says before the preposition.

Give an example with one student. Say: “Simon says: stand up” the pupil stands up. Then say: “stand behind your chair.” If the student understands the game he won’t stand behind the chair in that case ask if the entire class understands. If he doesn’t he will stand behind it and you will have to explain again. If it takes too long just start, the students will start learning it while doing the game. If it is necessary tell them the name of the Dutch variety: Comando pinkelen.

Every time a pupil doesn’t do it right make him/her sit down or their chair and continue until one pupil is standing. That pupil is the winner.



A colleague at my internship school told me this during a lunch break (he is also a student at the NHL).
Motivation for my choice (+/- 100 words)



 I have tried this game twice with first years and it went amazing! It is such a simple game, but the kids love it because it is competitive. It is a short game so it is a great way to end a lesson or a fun way to start. You can also make it even shorter, for example by setting a time limit.

In my case the students asked me if we could end the next lesson again with this game and so we did. I used prepositions the first time and the second time I used ordinals with their fingers (raise your first finger, Simon says raise your fourth finger).


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