Teaching activity: pictionary

Title  Pictionary
Level All levels
Aim Learn vocabulary by drawing and guessing.
Focus  Vocabulary
Time  As long as you like
Brief description




 Divide the class into two (or more) teams. First one pupil from team A comes up and gets a word, has to draw the word and his/her team has to guess within 1 or 2 minutes. Then one pupil from team B comes up etcetera. Then another from team A, then another from team B etcetera.
Preparation Make cards with vocabulary words to show the pupil who has to draw.

To make it funnier, stop them in a hat and let them draw a card.

Materials Cards with words and a black-/whiteboard with crayons or a marker.






Divide the class into two teams. Team A and team B. Team A starts (or toss a coin). One pupil of team A comes up to you and gets a word, when he/she starts drawing the 1 or 2 minutes start. The others of team A have to guess what word was on the paper by guessing what their teammate is drawing.

If they guess it before the time extends they get a point, if they don’t they don’t get a point. (keep the score on the board)

The turn goes to team B, repeat all the steps.

The game ends when you want it to end, for example 2 minutes before the ending of the lesson. Tell who won and what the homework for the next lesson is.



 My former English teacher used this game almost every week.
Motivation for my choice (+/- 100 words)



I know this game works because it worked for my classes when I was still at school. My teacher used this game to get us to learn our vocabulary because we would lose the game if only one other pupil hadn’t studied. My teacher made us study small vocabulary lists every week and ended every week with this game to see if we had studied. (we always had because we didn’t want to lose.) I love this game, it is easy, competitive and as long as you want to make it. It is quite a motivator.







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