My post “magically” disappeared


I wrote an entry last friday and when I logged in again today to write my next post it was gone, *poof*. Unbelievable. I am finally getting into this assignment en now my post is gone..

Since I can’t remember what I wrote about exactly I will just write about the bookseries I am currently reading. Since creative and free writing are also allowed. (I just heard that a few days ago.)

The picture that comes with this post is a fan made drawing based on the book I am reading: Sevenwaters trilogy, Heir of sevenwaters. The book is the fourt part of a trilogy. (yeah, I know, weird right.. It’s is a trilogy consisting of 6 books and a small novella)
The books are historical fantasy books and are set in ninth century Ireland and Britain.
The books are all from a young woman’s point of view, in every book the protagonist changes but she is always related to the previous protagonist, a sister, daughter or a niece. All these women and their other family members have a strong connection with the Otherworld. A world that is, at that time, still strongly present in the forest around their house. These Otherworld inhabitants are strongly, possibly even by blood, connected to the family of Sevenwaters. In the first three books there is a prophecy and it is finally concluded at the end of the third book.

But this book, being the fourth, is something else entirely. Lord Sean of Sevenwaters has 5 daughters, the eldest being around 18 years, when his wife becomes pregnant again. He already assigned his 21 year old nephew as his heir, but the baby is a boy. You can imagine the atmosphere becoming tense to say the least.

However, the Otherworld inhabitants decide to go and mingle within their lives and switch the newborn with one of their own, a baby made of twigs. But the only one that can see the baby for what it is, a changeling, is Clodagh and she will have to venture deep into the Otherworld to return her baby brother to her mothers arms.

I reckon this will be enough for today, so I will write someting else tomorrow because one of my previous posts vanished.


Thank you for reading!



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