English Language Teaching: teaching comparative forms of adjectives

Link for the powerpoint:

For this lesson I have worked together with three classmates. We had to make a short introduction lesson about the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.

We decided to “teach” 2 Havo pupils.

This lesson is quite simple, it starts with the pupils discovering the rules by them selves and developing a feeling for the comparative forms. It requires a beamer and a whiteboard. But it is really easy to teach.

Another thing we had to do with regards to this lesson was decide what we would like to change about it, personally. Well, I thought we pretty much nailed it and was very pleased with the result and positive feedback. However if I were to change anything it would be the start of the lesson.

Considering, we started with drawing three fish on the whiteboard, one bigger than the other and the last want the biggest. The pupils would be asked what they notice about the fish and that way you will guide them towards bigger and biggest. Or smaller and smallest for that matter.

What I would change was to make it even more active. For example let 5 pupils stand in a row in front of the class. And let them do funny things like stand in order of shoe size. And then ask the rest of the class the difference between pupil a and pupil b.


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