The second entry

Dear Reader,

This will be my second entry for my blog regarding proficiency in English. I will be reflecting on the last classes, set some goals for myself and for my exposure to input and output.

Last friday we had an English language teaching class in which we had to work in groups and make a lesson about a particular subject. My group had the subject: comparative and superlative forms of adjectives. personally I was very pleased by the end result. I wasn’t the one who had to give the lesson but the reactions on the consistency of the lesson was quite good. It was an active lesson in which student had to find out rules by themselves, and I noticed the “pupils”liked that very much. Furthermore, I have seen the importance of a good powerpoint. It is personal whether you like a bright or dark powerpoint and whether you like a lot of activity on the screen or not. So that should probably be taken into account before teaching a class.

My goals for this week will be:
– I will write a blog post after friday’s lesson and after that I will do so after every proficiency class.
– I will start practicing reading and use of English and write about my results on my blog.

My exposure to input and output hasn’t changed much since my last entry, the only significant difference is that during school hours I only speak English with my classmates and teachers, and classes are given in English so that is a very positive thing for my exposure to input.

Thank you for reading once again, and ’till Friday!


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