My first post

Dear reader,

Today I am starting with the assignment for school about input and output.
Personally I don’t really get the assignment but, here we go. I am sure I will begin to understand soon enough! I will be posting a “blog entry” twice a week.

My contact with English; I am currently reading a book which is in English so that counts and I am watching series in which multiple English accents are used. I read approximately 4 hours per day and watch series for at least 50 minutes per day since I always watch one episode when I come home from school.
While reading there is a lot of input, because I am reading. (Wow, amazing isn’t it..) However, it is not only input because I write down words I don’t know and look them up in a dictionary, which is output I think since  I am actively writing down words and their meanings.

Last but not least I read to a friend every night. I record myself reading a chapter from a book, at the moment we read Eragon, and send it to him. Which is a combination of input and output.

These exposures to the English language could help me and my fellow students if it is done regularly. Be open and don’t be afraid if you don’t know a word or don’t understand something.

I can improve my exposure to input mostly by watching the news. I think it is important to watch the news and learn that particular vocabulary. But it just doesn’t interest me much. So perhaps I could watch it every morning while I drink my first cup of coffee.

I can improve my output by talking in English at school and text my classmates in English. Which is a new rule so I guess this should solve itself.


Thank you for reading!


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